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Installing ICESPIKE™ on your brand-new or carefully used preferred rubber-soled footwear creates non-slip shoes and non-slip boots! There's no much better ice traction device compared to first ICESPIKE™ - it is similarly effective on ice, snow, mud, stones, loose gravel or any durable, smooth landscapes in every season. ICESPIKE™ transitions effortlessly and will actually used on dry pavement!

ICESPIKE™ is a traction system of 32 spikes and a set up tool used to make use of the surges directly to the sole of a footwear or boot. The ice spikes are specifically engineered of cold-rolled, tool high quality metal to keep stiffness and stability of hold ten times longer than any other system of ice cleats or snowfall cleats. The unique complex design of this spikes provides unparalleled surface penetration and security, and the spikes are self-cleaning. The securing design associated with screw keeps them securely in place, yet the fine thread allows elimination with no visible trace.

Advised installation pattern is 12 spikes per adult size shoe, 3 for each region of the forefoot and 3 on each side of the heel; 24 spikes per pair of shoes. 8 additional spikes are included. Based on measurements of shoe or types of foot strike, users can individualize their set up for custom traction.

ICESPIKE™ ice grippers ensure it is easy and simple to turn your footwear into cold temperatures jogging shoes, footwear for winter walking and winter hiking, winter months path athletic shoes and winter season work boots. Get traction on ice, grip in snowfall, and security on any treacherous surface!

Marking footwear for set up:

Mark surge position with miracle marker or fluid white away.

Begin about 1 1/2" right back from toe and 3/8" from outer edge. Try to space leading 6 spikes similarly along the sole associated with the shoe (3 on each side). The heel spikes are closer collectively since there are 6 spikes in a smaller location (once more 3 for each side). The placement does not have to be perfect.

Cannot put any surges inside arch location. Spikes put in the arch associated with the shoe do not help plenty with all the grip.

ice spikesNote: less surges is adequate for small adults' or kid's shoes.

Installing the ice spikes:

There are two main means of installing the spikes - either utilizing the ICESPIKE™ tool incorporated with your Deluxe package or a variable speed exercise.

Hold your footwear on a flat area such as for instance a workbench, dining table or floor.

Making use of the ICESPIKE™ device: touch each one of the markings with a-sharp tool eg an awl, ice pick, skewer or push-pin to break the rubber, letting you screw into the surges. Place a spike inside tool, utilizing only a little pressure to begin the surge. Once the spike holds the plastic of single, it is effortlessly screwed straight down.

Using a variable speed drill: Attach a 1/4" hex head socket to the exercise. Put a spike when you look at the plug, and keep the exercise firmly at each and every noticeable spot. Begin slowly and drill the surge into position, becoming mindful to tighten up just until spikes tend to be snug up against the sole.
Never over-tighten!

The complex washers which can be a part of the surge won't allow it slip out of place or let it come unscrewed, if you do not elect to eliminate it because of the tool or drill. If a spike within one position shows more use compared to the other people, its quickly eliminated and a fresh one installed near the initial place.

Note: For extra-heavy duty usage, a dab of extremely glue or epoxy can help anchor the spike, yet can also be an easy task to pull, popping off when screw is loosened for elimination.

ICESPIKE™ is an Economical, One-Size-Fits-All grip system with exceptional traction and durability which simple to put in. One collection of ICESPIKE™ will last up to 500 miles of use!


*Do space ICESPIKE™ evenly throughout the baseball of this base therefore the heel associated with base

*Do mark your footwear if your wanting to install ICESPIKE™

*Do arrange ICESPIKE™ in the same structure on each shoe


*Don't install ICESPIKE™ also close to or too far out of the edge of the footwear

*Don't install ICESPIKE™ in grooves or channels into the sole - some shoes have actually relatively deep grooves for channeling liquid out of the only as well as additional traction. If pattern you have got set hits one of these brilliant channels, go the increase forward, right back or laterally in order to avoid the groove.


ICESPIKE™ outfitted shoes and boots shouldn't be worn on:

*Any indoor lumber floor or surface that may be damaged by the surges

*Treat your ICESPIKE™ outfitted footwear the same as you'll your tennis surges or ice skates

ICESPIKE™ is certainly not liable or in charge of any damage, reduction or consequential harm from using this product including not restricted to the set up and using for this product.

ICESPIKE™ was created to help the user with traction on ice and snow and difficult terrains, but won't get rid of the built-in threats of working and/or walking on any area.


"Trail Monster" Blaine from Maine: Icespikes are like sheet steel screws on steroids!

Anna from CO: i will be finding Icespike helps myself hold my type collectively while operating on smooth areas. I can recommend them to my professional athletes – thanks a lot!

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