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Rocket DogBehind the Rocket puppy brand are two footwear makers who have been accountable for the style and advertising and marketing of labels such as for example Candies, Esprit and Sam & Libby for forty years.

Their particular fantasy was to develop a young, powerful shoe and clothing range that could attract any person and everybody who will not get old. In 1997, they launched the brand name's first product; the "California" sandal. It absolutely was a roaring success additionally the Rocket Dog brand was born.

Hailing from sunny south California, Rocket puppy is a footwear organization that radiates glee color, and good vibes! Behind the label, two teenagers with several years of experience in the United states shoe business decided to launch a brand name. A brandname that will share their bigger than life personalities and some associated with relaxed California life style aided by the world!

Enter Rocket Dog footwear! Founded in 1977, now a popular brand worldwide, Rocket Dog footwear aren’t when it comes to fainthearted. Powerful on print, bright tints and quirky detailing like nautical gown and fabric bows, Rocket puppy have fun with main-stream comfortable shoes and produce anything much more exciting! Their particular quirky wooden clogs and retro Sedona pumps are perfect for time or evening, while their incredible variety of cowboy and knee high boots will see you through every seasons! Rocket Dog trainers just like the platform Baker and Billie tend to be completely on trend compliment of their 90s style dense soles, while followers of pattern and brilliant images are in paradise with the zany imprinted Amaya and Andrea canvas sneakers.

Rocket puppy shoes tend to be for several independent women, both the young and younger of heart, just who love fashion, color, and blending styles. Don’t think hard about rocking up a "practical" look with Rocket Dog's jazzin plimsolls or patterned Ornelai pumps!

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