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Price: $11.00 to $40.00



SKU: 2138

Carry your shot and discus to and from suits easily with one of our Shot and Discus Carriers. There are five shot and discus providers to choose from.Â

Shot and Discus Carrier Qualities:

  • Vinyl, heavy-duty, water-repellent with dual nylon construction.
  • Essential for many throwers.

5 Models Available (simply click to expand picture):

  • Shot/Discus Carrier with Handle (#2142 - bottom right): has actually carry handle and holds two shots or two discus.
  • Shot/Discus Carrier with Shoulder Strap (#2139 - bottom remaining): has actually carry manage & shoulder-strap and keeps two shots or two discus.
  • Two Shot Carrier (#2138 - bottom center): a plastic sack that carries two shots easily with simple top closure, shoulder-strap and handle.
  • Deluxe designs (top three providers in image) tend to be additional heavy duty you need to include a padded shoulder strap and exterior pocket.

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