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— Atlanta-based entrepreneur, Tariq Edmondson, generates a worldwide buzz with his custom-designed sneakers —

Tariq Edmonson, with custom African sneakers

Atlanta, GA — The sneaker industry moved through numerous evolutions over the past three decades. From introduction of global brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas and Converse to high-end fashion designer sneakers from Gucci, Armani to Polo, today the modern development into the sneaker company is the custom sneaker created for companies, schools, entertainers and superstars., situated in metro Atlanta, could be the brand new trendsetter.

Owned by business owner Tariq Edmondson, is an innovative new, revolutionary solution to generate profits for schools, businesses or a person with aspirations of earning their own sneaker brand name. The initial item established is a beautiful black colored canvas sneaker with red & green trim that is an instantaneous eye-catcher. Empowered because of the design of Converse Chuck Taylor, the Red, Black & Green sneaker is quickly becoming a favorite for aware African-Americans in america, Caribbean as well as great britain.

“My determination came to exist annually . 5 ago, I saw all of the other huge sneaker businesses, and thought that a sneaker item featuring the red, black colored and green will make an impact, ” Tariq explains.

The organization has generated a cutting-edge circulation pipeline by selling direct to wholesalers and customers through the website. The wholesale program features a low-cost system for other entrepreneurs to obtain involved in a fast developing company. The wholesale program provides 50 customized sneakers for $1, 000 USD. Each sneaker retails for $40 USD, which allows the wholesaler which will make an income of $20 USD per set.

The potential for emerging niche areas having their very own custom sneaker is limitless. Within a few months, all types of organizations made requests to generate their very own sneaker range. The Harambee Leadership Academy based out Columbus, Ohio made the Red, Ebony and Green sneakers the official shoes for their college. Practicing the concepts of Ujima, this means “cooperative business economics” will empower whoever has the aspiration of being an entrepreneur. “We’re helping to enable businesses locally with your sneakers, which often yields income and pride returning to town, ” claims Tariq.

“I’ve had calls from all over; Malaysia, Brooklyn, Dallas, Florida, Washington, Detroit, Chicago, also California. Plus, the web site has received needs from Germany, holland, Canada, France, and Jamaica, ” Tariq describes.

The first shoes had been formally circulated in Summer 2015 and are usually readily available globally thru the internet site and from authorized wholesale suppliers. “This is the new option to attain niche customers, I’ve been collecting sneakers for more than 20 years and just like the Red, Black and Green sneakers aided by the Africa logo design privately… I intend to join the group and turn a wholesaler, ” says Brian Lassiter, entrepreneur and sneaker collector.

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