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William Farrell wrestled in Japan in 1957 and became fascinated with the lightweight nylon shoes the Japanese National Team ended up being using. Around the period, he'd just seen the clumsy, rigid canvas baseball like wrestling footwear sold in america. Title of the lightweight footwear had been Onitsuka Tiger, and company happens to be known as the ASICS Corporation. A famous Japanese wrestler called Shozo Sasahara, an Olympic Gold Medalist in 1956, launched Bill to Kihachiro Onitsuka, a gentleman who began creating shoes in his local nation shortly after WWII. A detailed relationship had been formed, which continues to this day, and Bill began importing and distributing 1st “Onitsuka Tiger” wrestling shoes in the usa in 1958.

Universal Fitness items ExecutivesBill imported more than simply the ASICS wrestling footwear line, he imported the best Japanese wrestlers on the planet to the office in his fledgling company, and wrestle for prestigious nyc Athletic Club. Pictured below are:

Japan Connection

Soon after that Bill came across Warren Tischler who was simply the owner of RESILITE. Warren had found an alternative way to make wrestling mats, which to that point had been full of horse locks and covered in an unforgiving soft. Brand new, lightweight, acutely protective foams were only growing available in the market spot, and Warren unearthed that they could be covered with pliable vinyl paint. Warren perfected his mats for use in wrestling, which revolutionary product changed the activity permanently. Bill took this product line back again to extended Island, and sold their first RESILITE mat to celebrated Mepham High School wrestling advisor Sprig Gardner, and later to all or any of Long Island's wrestling programs.

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