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onitsuka-tiger-entering-the-den-of-the-tigerBringing together a well-designed capsule marked by refined detailing, Onitsuka Tiger has actually all makings to determine an escalating foothold...

Often made use of inter-changeably, ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger represent two closely relevant but ultimately different brands whom share similar origins. Revived in 2001, Onitsuka Tiger presents a throwback to ASICS’ rich history. Whilst ASICS is perhaps the greater modern eyesight regarding the brand with tech-driven choices, Onitsuka Tiger looks to revisit and maintain the numerous several years of brand heritage which has made ASICS such an amazing company since its founding back 1949. Fashion designer Shuhei Numata provided us a summary of Onitsuka Tiger’s path and fundamentally the message and objective behind the brand name. Impressed because of the sparkle of sunshine from the scales of newly caught tuna, gradient stripe and check products themed after the Skipjack tuna are powerful elements this year. Combining a well-designed pill marked by refined detailing, Onitsuka Tiger features all makings which will make a establish a growing foothold in the realm of sportswear.

Interview: Eugene Kan

onitsuka-tiger-entering-the-den-of-the-tigermeeting with Shuhei Numata

Can you provide myself some details about your background in design and how you ended up using ASICS (Onitsuka Tiger)?

We invested 6 years in neuro-scientific oil-painting and conceptual modern art during the Musashino Art University in Tokyo before I changed to develop. Simultaneously I moved my life to Europe. After two years of good and exciting experiences utilizing the adidas Originals design group in Herzogenaurach, the vice president of ASICS European countries swept up beside me in a Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam, additionally the remainder so to say is history.

For several, the differentiation between Onitsuka Tiger and ASICS is a bit murky. Do you know the differences when considering the two brands?

The main distinction between ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger is the fact that under the ASICS brand, new technologies and features are produced and introduced on marketplace since 1972. This will be to completely help any professional athletes within their endeavor to do on greatest of their ability in competitors and instruction.

onitsuka-tiger-entering-the-den-of-the-tigerOnitsuka Tiger however had been reintroduced in 2001 and brings a group towards the marketplace that is mainly empowered by our wealthy heritage in sport. Utilizing our expertise in creating well-designed sporting goods including mixing it with this Japanese manner sensabilites and motifs, this is why our Onitsuka Tiger footwear & attire selections unique and differing.

What exactly are a number of the present styles in sportswear and style you're seeing, how can this combine into the design ethos?

I am interested in learning japan high-street style scene with technical clothes. That’s really special and special. Perhaps this precipitates to the fact that many Japanese designers are really good DJs. They blend all of the current historic design elements to create new pleasure. Its truly a Japanese means in the process of creation. My strengths are quite various. I created half of my design abilities and understanding in European countries via traveling, pals, an original design of training and undoubtedly from my way of life. I usually differentiate and combine Japanese methods of creation together with European techniques from a neutral point of view. I'm more a translator therefore to say than a DJ.

onitsuka-tiger-entering-the-den-of-the-tigerWith a strong Japanese tradition behind ASICS (Onitsuka Tiger), how does the brand name mix this into its aesthetic communication and design?

I always think about the way I might translate and represent our rich Japanese history through my designs in today's and relevant manner. It's not simple. Japanese credibility, design and creativity are fundamental terms for executions of my choices. As an example, the key design elements with this collection could be the “Gradation Stripe” structure. it is initially centered on standard Japanese fisherman t-shirts design which are encouraged by Skipjack Tuna human body patterns. It’s a lovely 4 shade gradation repeat but features a tiny story of Japanese heritage at the rear of. It's not an immediate interpretation (like Kimono patterns on tees) but I wanted to address it from a more abstract and intellectual method.

Essential is Onitsuka Tiger’s origins while you progress?

The origins of Onitsuka Tiger are crucial for brand name. This is the base of every thing we do. This doesn't mean that people tend to be caught with only our history. Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka, creator of Onitsuka Tiger, built the brand name with a good philosophy, the philosophy of bringing up sound childhood through sports. The business has actually maintained the tradition of focusing on the production of recreations shoes and clothes utilizing initial ideas and using highly technical ways to supplement our history and past. We ought to consistently challenge and locate new revolutionary techniques in how we can bring this viewpoint your.

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