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Working use, clothes, shorts, singlets, Gore-tex, lifa, drylete, dri-fit, climafit, activent, polar fleece, polypro, thermastat, socks, footwear, hats, wool, smartwool, blisterfree, running fits, gloves, caps, nike, thermax, coolmax, duofold, stopwatches, heart monitors, polar,

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Providing Central Iowa Runners, Walkers, Swimmers and Triathletes since 1984
Shoes: We carry over 125 types of males's and ladies instruction footwear, 50 types of spikes and various racing flats. We stock many the main brands.

Numerous Close out nation wide
Give us your dimensions and really inform you whats left.

Clothing: We additionally carry hot and cold weather operating clothing so that you may run comfortably under the most unfortunate circumstances. Once more, many all of the significant manufacturers are included. Gear: other forms of products offered at Fitness Sports that athletes and also other professional athletes could need range from the following;
Gear & accessories


Bags & Fanny Packs

Gravity Inversion Techniques


Energy Taverns

Power Taverns

PR Ironman Bars






C.E.I. Ultrak

We carry-over 100 the latest models of of running shoes!

(approx. 14, 000 pr. in stock)

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girls and guys how should plimsolls or keds be worn for both guys and girls with socks or without socks? | Yahoo Answers

Hi, just wanted to get opinions from both different guys and girls who are up on fashion and latest trends. to ask when both girls and guys wear plimsolls or keds should they be worn with socks or without socks?, does it look better without?, and how do you pecieve the look in general?

Girls and guys how should plimsolls or keds be worn for both guys and girls with socks or without socks?

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