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Nike Zoom Victory Elite Track Spikes

nike-zoom-victory-track-and-field-shoes.jpgThe goal the Nike Zoom Success + would be to develop what the style group known as “The Ultimate Naked Ride.” They wished to make a super-minimal performance training shoe that translated the Nike Zoom Victory Track Spike’s innovative Flywire technology into anything athletes could wear every single day. But changing a track spike’s elite technologies into a running shoe is never an easy process. Spikes are made to be as minimal possible, while athletic shoes need cushioning and further support for all your mileage professional athletes rack up in everyday exercise sessions. Nike’s design and development staff was hesitant to give up some of Flywire’s lightweight performance, but it had a need to make footwear that could resist frequent 10 to 15 mile works. That procedure took more than a year, nevertheless the ensuing success had been the Nike Zoom Victory +.

Flywire is the innovation operating Nike’s strongest and lightest footwear. The shoe’s whole structure comes from super-strong filaments. They offer precise assistance akin to the cables in a suspension connection and permit a radical lowering of weight with product only where it is needed. The Flywire filaments on their own are tuned exactly toward foot’s needs, almost like an extra ligament. Using a stretchy product, the top of will give around the metatarsal while offering extra power and security inside forefoot and heel very important to runners racking up training kilometers.

The method started with testing different Flywire designs so that the cable configuration was at appropriate location for a training shoe. After the materials had been modified, the style and development team performed dynamic fit examinations. Athletes went track workouts in prototypes, performing a set number of 400s at different paces so that the top functioned with enough assistance to endure the additional forces experienced when cornering around the track at a brisk 5k rate.

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Diffrence between Nike Zoom Victory elite and Victory 2? | Yahoo Answers

I know that the Nike Zoom Victory Elite have a carbon fiber plate but does this make a big difference?Are they worth the money?

I've tried both spikes (the Elites are my own pair) and I feel that slight edge. If you run track really competitively and you have the money, I'd say get them.
My previous spikes were the Nike Zoom Victory's and I love them. I wore the Elite's one race and I felt like I was flying. They keep you on your feet and give you that extra mental side of it.
I say go for it and message me if you have any other questions!

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