What do vulcanization, treads

Process of vulcanization

Cover imageWhen you look at the research, the CV/FEM is used to simulate vulcanization means of rubberized.

Unstructured four-node tetrahedron mesh is considered for installing all parts.

Taking into consideration the consequence of simulation, the method can be improved and optimized.

Numerical simulation of vulcanization process is essential for making of rubber part. In report, the control equations tend to be discretized inside control amount according to divergence theorem. To be able to expand the use of numerical simulation, four-node unstructured tetrahedron factor is requested parts. Eventually, an instance on understood information is always ensure that you validate effectiveness of simulation. The validity of our method is initiated in the case where flexible meshes are utilized. The results show as soon as the few element and node is less, the numerical process making use of our technique, tested on understood data, provides numerically legitimate and reasonably accurate forecasts.


  • Numerical simulation;
  • Vulcanization procedure;
  • Rubber;
  • CV/FEM;
  • Unstructured mesh

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